Papercraft Wendigo

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Papercraft Wendigo






Running fast and throwing long distance balls

The Papercraft Wendigo is a giant dog-like creature who attacks Iota and Atoi. They serve as the primary active antagonist in Tearaway.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Wendigos are native dog-like creatures who only want to play with Iota/Atoi. They are large, playful, and beige, and can be tricked into dashing into pop-up presents, which seems to be the only way to contain them. While they just want to play, they play rough, and will think they are playing with you while causing massive damage. One, a baby wendigo, does not hurt Atoi/Iota.

Abilities[edit | edit source] states:

"Wendigos are big, hairy and scary. But are they the ferocious beasts everyone thinks they are?"

They are extremely quick and agile, and able to throw objects a long distance.