Maypole Fields

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Maypole Fields

In this level, Atoi/Iota is trying to reach You in the sun to deliver the message. Along the way, they will discover the Drumskin You created and its use in jumping (utilizing the rear Touchpad). Using the Drumskin, they will platform to reach the Drumming Ritual. As the Drumming Ritual nears completion, the Scraps interrupt the ritual and attack. With You assisting, the Scraps are quickly defeated.

Near the end of the level, Atoi/Iota discovers a white X; after jumping incredibly high (almost to the face in the sun), they realize that they should go to Gibbert Hills next. They then depart to Maypole Fields.

Next Level[edit | edit source]

This level continues on to The Barn.

Previous Level[edit | edit source]

This level follows Wassail Orchard.